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(Honey and Queens are unavailable at this time)

We devote a lot of care and attention to our raw local honey, and to our local queens.  Our well-raised and -mated queens will come to you directly from the mating hives. We pull them and put them in queen cages just as needed. They have been laying until shortly before you purchase them. Our mother queens are selected gentle producers that have overwintered, and artificially inseminated VSH (varroa sensitive hygiene) queens.

We’re very excited that in the 2015 season you will be able to buy queens over the counter in Silver Spring/Colesville, Maryland, checking availability on our Queen Cage Webcam.  For quantity purchases, or purchases delivered through the mail, please use the Contact form.

Fairy Tale Honey LLC–also doing business as Fairy Tale Queens–is based in Silver Spring, Maryland. You can find out how I got into this at the About page. If you want to get in touch, please send me an email at honey@FairyTaleHoney.com or by going to the Contact page.  I want everything on this site to be completely accurate, so if you see anything that isn’t, let me know.  The beekeepers I know aren’t very shy about corrections…

Please explore this website to find out about queen raising, queen quality, queen introduction, and other related subjects.  We hope that this website will be valuable to you.  At this website you can purchase local Montgomery and Howard County, Maryland queens for delivery or pickup, and learn about honeybee queens.

Is something not right in your bee colony? Do  you think you might need a new queen? Do I need a queen?

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