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Fairy Tale Honey LLC 
also doing business as Fairy Tale Queens

Marc Hoffman, Silver Spring, Md. 20901

We offer a small quantity of blue ribbon local natural raw honey each year at Heyser Farms farm stand in Colesville, Marland.  We have bee yards at Heysers and other places in Montgomery County and Howard County, Maryland.   Heysers has wonderful produce all year, and is the home of  Great Shoals Winery.

veilcutoutWe raise and sell honeybee queens.  In spring 2014 we offer early queen cells to experienced beekeepers who purchase in quantity as soon as the weather permits, and open mated local queens as soon as the sufficient drones emerge to make mating possible.  Our mother queen stock are selected exceptional producers that have overwintered here in Maryland, and custom artificially inseminated queens from VP Queens in  Frederick, Maryland.   Queens are available by appointment (send an email to the address above) and for pickup at Heyser Farms, at beekeepers meetings, and by mail.  We expect to have queens available for over-the-counter purchase at Heyser's, with up to date availability visible on our queen cage webcam.  

Queens are raised by the Doolittle method as taught by Marla Spivak at the University of Minnesota.  

If you are looking for queens in quantity, please contact us by email now.

More information will be available as this website is completed.

queen bee--USDA image Fairy Tale Honey queens are raised in Montgomery County and Howard County, Maryland, from survivor queens--that is, from queens which have survived at least one winter.

Stay tuned for more information...

Below is a trial of the queen cage webcam (the images do not represent actual availability).

Queen Cage Webcam