Purchasing in quantity

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For queens in quantity, particularly if you want repeated quantity deliveries throughout the summer, please contact me.  We can discuss quantity discounts.  We can arrange a handover if you are in the Washington Metro area.  We can send by USPS in individual queen cages or in a battery box.  Queen cells are available to experienced beekeepers who purchase in quantity–pickup or handover only.

I learned queen raising in Marla Spivak’s queen raising class at the University of Minnesota.  She and Gary Reuter teach a version of the Doolittle method that is adaptable for a few queens or for industrial quantities.  After making queens for my own use for a while, I have gone from making a few queens to developing the techniques and equipment to raising them in quantity.

The queens are open mated.   In order to assure that my queens are well mated I have several mating yards at some distance from one another.  I conferred with Jerry Fischer, the head of Maryland Apiary Inspection about the availability of drones in Montgomery County.  After looking at the maps of registered hives, we concluded that sufficient drones are available for mating everywhere in Montgomery County.  On the average, beekeepers in our area have a few hives each.  We have many beekeepers, more dense in populated areas but also spread out in rural areas.  Montgomery County also produces pumpkins, which require bees in season. 

Research has shown that genetic diversity is important for colony success.  Our open mated queens are mated in a very diverse environment.

If you have any questions about these queens, please contact me by email or the Contact page , and include your phone number so that I can contact you.

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