Queen Cage Webcam

Buy fresh queens over the counter in Colesville (Silver Spring), Maryland.


If you see queen cages in the above picture you can come take your queens home with you.

We’re all looking forward to the 2015 season!

The  Queen Cage Webcam is not updating at the moment.  When it is, if there is a queen cage shown (Benton or JZBZ’s), it has a queen in it.   (Three objects in the picture are not queen cages:  1. the round camera, 2.  the rectangular temperature monitor, and 3.  the wadded up paper towel for humidity.)    Please check the NEWS posts  in red (to the right of the webcam picture) for any recent updates.

I need lots of queens.


Photo Courtesy USDA-ARS

We’ll have queens in the Spring. Stay tuned!

In season we supply fresh, local, open mated queens.  Besides supplying queens by appointment and by mail, we are innovating by offering fresh queens over-the-counter at Heyser Farms farm stand in Colesville, Maryland.   You can buy Queens, take them back to your bee yard, and put them in your colonies the very same day.

For information about how these queens are selected, raised, and mated see We Have Queens for You.  For general information about queens see About Queens.

Tell us if there are problems with this webcam image:  First refresh your browser.  Then check as many of the boxes below that apply and hit send.  I’ll get it right away.   Out of Range=Temperature over 95° or under 80° F, or humidity under 50%.

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How to use the Queen Cage Webcam to get your queens

First refresh your browser. Check the entry on the right of this page for up-to-date news. The queens in the picture are available for pickup as of the time on the Webcam image, which is uploaded every hour.  Come and get your queens!  First come first served.

You can

*pay at Heysers by cash or check.  (Other  alternatives (e.g. paying online with paypal) have been found to be confusing.  Heysers does take credit cards but to make our relationship easier queens should be paid for by cash or check.)

The queens are at Heyser Farms farmstand in Colesville, Maryland, which is just north of the ICC (Md route 200) on New Hampshire Avenue.  Check their hours and call them to be sure of the hours (but don’t ask questions about queens).  Their hours vary from week to week. Leave time to pick up great fruits and vegetables, and to try the wine at Great Shoals Winery at Heysers.  They’ll take credit cards for shopping.

Here’s where your queens will be–

This houses the webcam--and the queens in cages.
This houses the webcam–and the queens in cages.


Nothing in there now, but in season there will be queen cages in the Yellow Drawer.
Nothing in there now, but in season there will be queen cages in the Yellow Drawer.


Next to the cider and coffee, mongst the vegetables.
Next to the cider and coffee, mongst the vegetables.

For directions, click on “More Options” on the map below:

See Purchasing in quantity, Contact,  or Purchase your queens.

I need lots of queens.


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