Queen purchase, shipping, and pickup

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Price list 

Open mated daughter queens from selected local overwintered mother queens–$25

Open mated daughter queens from artificially inseminated VSH mother queens–$30

Queen cells (in quantity to experienced beekeepers only)–$15


Order in quantity

Pick up at Heyser Farms (see Queen Cage Webcam)

By appointment (at meetings)

By mail.

Payment by Cash, check, or Paypal.

Photo Courtesy USDA-ARS

We will begin raising queens when the weather in Montgomery County, Maryland allows. We  have a mating area near the Potomac in the south of the county, which is warmer than more northern places and higher elevations.

If you are planning to order in quantity it would be a good idea to contact me now so that I can arrange production for your needs. I will sell developed cells to experienced beekeepers who buy in quantity on a pick up basis.

I will be bringing queens to the meetings I usually attend: Montgomery County Beekeepers Association and Maryland State Beekeepers Association. Queens can be mailed by overnight delivery. Queens can be picked up over-the-counter at Heyser Farms farm stand during their business hours. See the Fairy Tale Honey page for details of the Queen Cage Webcam.


Directions to Heyser Farms.

Where are the queens?


The queens are available for pickup at Heyser Farms, 14526 New Hampshire Avenue (Rt 650),

Silver Spring, Maryland 20904, an all-year farm stand. Heyser’s is open Monday through

Saturday. The mated Queens are unmarked in standard cages with attendants in a

climate-controlled incubator. Pay by cash or credit card (no checks). While you’re there, check

out the produce and other items…


3. Look back up the entrance road toward New Hampshire Ave.


6. Take your Queens to the farm stand and pay at the counter. The price is on the cage.

Cash or credit card. Checks are not accepted.


5. Read the instructions on the the door on the side of the hive, press the button to light the

light, select your Queens and take them out of the incubator. If the temperature or humidity

of the incubator are out of range, or anything else seems to be amiss, please tell the person

at the counter at the farm stand.


2. Park near the farm stand.


That’s it!





4. Walk to the white shed and the thing next to it that looks like a beehive. (this is

under construction. there really isn’t one in this picture). This contains the container

where the Queens are.


1. Drive into Heyser Farms using one of the two entrances: off New

Hampshire Ave., route 650, or off Bonifant Drive.

Map and Directions.


Here’s the view coming north on New Hampshire Ave.



How to purchase the Queens


The Queens are available for sale when Heyser Farms farm stand is open,

Monday through Saturday. Hours vary by season. Call Heysers at (301) 384

7859 if in doubt.


FIRST! Check the queen cam to see if there are any queens available. It is first

come first served, so there is no guarantee what’s there now will be there

when you get there.


# # #


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